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Meet Leader Leo

Updated: Aug 29

July 22 - August 22

Taurus zodiac sign meaning

Those born under the sign of Leo are known for their natural leadership abilities. They generally possess the qualities of creativity, self-confidence, dominance, and a strong personality that is hard to resist. Leos can achieve anything they set their minds to. The strength of a Leo lies in their "king of the jungle" mindset. They are known to be generous and loyal, which ensures them many friends. Their self-confidence and good looks make them capable of bringing different types of people together and leading them towards a common goal. Additionally Leos have a healthy sense of humor.

This makes them warm-hearted, and they love to start a party and have fun. They are often very intelligent and can solve the most challenging problems. Leos are aware of their desires and personalities, and they are all too comfortable asking for what they want and need. Unfortunately, in their pursuit of personal gain or status, they may neglect the needs of others. If they become too attached to their achievements and how others perceive them, they may become vulnerable and easily taken down.

Element: Fire

Color: Gold, Yellow, Orange

Quality: Fixed

Day: Sunday

Ruler: Sun

Greatest Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini

Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 10, 19

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