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Beauty Inside and Out

Arleen pays special attention to each client and provides an excellent atmosphere for relaxation and rejuvenation. One visit to Journey Guidance is normally enough to make a person a returning client due to Arleen’s well-trained skills and positive nature. Come for a session and experience for yourself.

Psychic & Tarot Readings

Arleen Gregg

Arleen Gregg is the owner of Journey Guidance - Good Vibration Crystals and has spent a great deal of effort learning about rocks and crystals, especially in relation to their uses and how their energy affects living beings.


Arleen has studied rocks and crystals, traveled to many rock and gem shows around America and gone to quarries to dig crystals herself. She recognizes useful crystals and their properties with her other skills while attending shows to find the best crystals to sell or use in her energy work. Ms. Gregg also constructs earrings, necklaces, fan pulls, automobile rearview mirror dangles and wands using her artistic skills.

Ms. Gregg has received a Bachelor of Parapsychic Science degree from the American Institute of Holistic Theology in Birmingham, Alabama. She was certified in life coaching by Fowler Wainwright International and is also a certified Reiki Master. She uses this combined training along with her intuitive skills to focus on the journey of the soul, its effect on the physical and how it impacts the hereafter and utilizes her knowledge of rocks and crystals to advise on post-treatment supplements. Ms. Gregg is continually studying to improve her knowledge and skills in order to provide the most up-to-date services to each of her clients, no matter which type of service she is providing. Each session is tailored to the needs and energetic state of the client, leaving no two alike. Those seeking answers in regard to specific circumstances should schedule a Tarot or Rune reading, while those who need rejuvenation and energetic clearing would be more suited to a Reiki Session. All services are by appointment only. Drop by the shop located off of Troup Highway and take a look at the wonderful assortment of rocks, crystals, jewelry and other lovely things. You won’t be sorry.


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