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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it okay to keep my stones together?
    Typically, all stones harmonize well together, especially when at rest. When carrying several stones for a specific purpose, one’s own intuition comes into play strongly to guide an individual towards the ones most needed. This is a level of personal choice, but if you feel no discomfort when working with multiple stones at a time, there is no need to fear them ‘canceling each other out.’
  • Where do you get your stones?
    Our stones are personally selected by staff from various gem and mineral exhibition that host vendors from around the world. In choosing our vendors, we consider character, quality and ethicality. We place our trust in these select to source and purchase with integrity, and do the same ourselves. These stones come from all around the world to be available to you locally. Additionally, if a stone has been enhanced or created in any way, we make this known upfront and do not traffic with inauthenticity in any fashion.
  • How do crystals work?
    The lattice structure of covalent bonds within a forming crystal have been long proven by science to be capable of retaining energy and calibrating it to a certain frequency, depending upon the elements involved in the lattice. Human beings, which generate bioelectric field due to the life processes and chemical reactions taking place to sustain life, can be affected by these energies. When kept within the bioelectric field, or as most of know it, the aura, it can create subtle changes within that energetic field and have impact in the conscious life of the person using them.
  • Does it matter what shape the crystal is in?
    Crystals do have different effects and functions when in different shapes and configurations. There are many different naturally forming configurations, such as druzies, twins or bridges, that each have their own unique functions. Crystals can also be cut or ground into different shapes, such as pyramids, spheres and obelisks; these too all have separate engendered properties that give them different purposes.
  • Why did my crystal break or go missing?
    These phenomena typically indicate that your crystal became depleted of energy, had completed its work with you, or divided to be shared with another. Nikola Tesla once theorized that though their ‘lives’ may be quite different than the one we experience, crystals should be considered living beings. Those who have worked with crystals for many years will attest that they can create quite curious and mysterious effects.
  • Can I use my crystal if it has broken?
    Typically, the stone will require a lengthy period of charging if this occurs, the most suitable way being to bury it in soil for a full lunar cycle. Some crystals will be ready to be worked with again after this time. However, if there is some intuitive reason you feel opposed to working with it after this point, it is best to honor this, and to follow your internal instruction.
  • What are the best stones for beginners?
    The Earth has gifted us with more quartz, calcites, and jaspers than we could ever need. The high abundance of these stones leads one to believe that they have the most readily available properties for a person with any level of experience to use. These stones are all very gentle and uplifting, and have many varieties and subtypes within each group, and it is this diversity of healing energies that leads us to recommend them for beginners.
  • How can I charge my crystals?
    This question has many answers and none are wrong. Some of the more traditional methods include smoke cleansing, moonlight baths, burial in soil, and sound cleansing. The more personal a method is to you, the more powerful it becomes. You may feel called to charge different stones with different methods or use certain methods in certain seasons of your life. This is also one of the ways to hone and practice using your intuition. Ask yourself and your crystal, listen deeply for the answer, and know that it is the one most suited to your practice.

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