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Holistic Healing & More

Arleen takes great joy in intuitively connecting with her clients to achieve the results they desire but cannot articulate. A dedicated worker, she continues her to follow her calling in the areas of hair styling, skin care, spiritual life coaching, and Reiki to her clients achieve her personal truth of "Beauty Inside and Out".

Life Coaching

Change your thoughts change your life. By the use of Neuro Linguistic programming thoughts can be reformatted to fit the desired goals in your life.

Life Coaching


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing. Energy centers called chakras become blocked by the effect of collective consciousness, karmic debris, unhealed thoughts and outdated thought processes.


AuraCloud 3D

The AuraCloud 3D system is an interactive multimedia aura imaging computer system that allows for a quick real-time aura and chakra readings including analysis from our photographer. 

What is an aura? We are complex organisms, full of emotion, intelligence, and spirit, and these qualities are reflected in our energy field, or aura. Our aura can change from time to time, as a result of actions, experiences and views on life. 

What is aura photography? Aura-photography is based on the understanding of modern technology combined with the information that past cultures have known for millennia. This includes Krilian Photography, electronic acupressure, and biofeedback measurements.


Using this wealth of knowledge, technologies were created to help us view the aura. The method used to read an aura is known as "biofeedback”.

How does an aura photo work? The Aura Camera uses a hand sensor and camera to measure standardized biofeedback parameters. The hand sensor itself has various contact points that are connected with certain organs of the body.  It also measures the electromagnetic field of the user to deliver information about the energetic and auric qualities of that person.

​The hand sensor can also measure deviations in temperature, humidity, and static electricity in the environment around the person, allowing for greater precision in data gathering. These data parameters are then projected as a radiant, colored aura field around the body which is able to be captured and printed.
In short, this biofeedback process can pick up your spiritual energy. The camera can then display this information as a colorful field around your body. The colors actually reflect your spiritual and auric state! 

Where is aura photography available near me? Exclusively at Journey Guidance!


Psychic Readings

Psychic consultations remove the mystery of life and bring understanding to open doors to new potentials. Each psychic energy reading is individually tailored for each client's individual needs.

Past Life Regressions

Past Life Regressions

This experience is a guided hypnotic event in which you will be invited to enter into your own spiritual memory, grounded by the soft voice of your leader.

Vogel Crystal

Vogel Crystal Healing

Vogel Crystal Healing is a highly specialized Using a Vogel Crystal Wand, which is programmed using Marcel Vogel’s revolutionary method, energy is extracted from the Heart Chakra. 

Browse our Crystal Selection!

There is a large selection of items of all types, sizes and price. In addition to rocks and crystals are other items used to enhance the natural energy that will enhance the human body and spirit.

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