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Crystal & Gemstone Education

large citrine gemstones in bowl on table

Healing Energy and Spiritual Significance

Citrine is a variety of Quartz, and it’s yellow to golden-brown color makes it one of the most popular gemstones in the world due to its beauty. Here are a few of the of metaphysical, numerological, and astrological properties.

Metaphysical Properties

Abundance and Prosperity: Citrine is often associated with attracting wealth and abundance. Often referred to as the merchants stone, it is believed to enhance one's financial success and prosperity. For the last 20 years I have kept one in my wallet and in the cash register as well.

Creativity and Manifestation: Citrine is said to stimulate creativity and encourage the manifestation of goals and desires. It's considered a powerful stone for turning thoughts into reality. It works its energy through the solar plexus. Fittingly enough the color of the Solar Plexus is yellow.

Positive Energy: Citrine is known for its uplifting and positive energy. It helps to give strength, vitality, will power and inner power. It is believed to dispel negative energies and promote a sunny, optimistic outlook.

Numerological Properties

Numerology: In numerology, Citrine is often linked to the number 6. The number 6 is associated with harmony, balance, and material aspects of life. Like the numerology 6 its properties are very nurturing. Citrine's properties are said to align with these numerological attributes.

Astrological Properties

Zodiac Associations: Citrine is associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo. It is believed to enhance the qualities of Virgos, such as practicality, attention to detail, and analytical thinking. Virgo rules the Hermit card in the tarot. Shedding light on all matters along the path of knowledge, understanding and clarity.

Planetary Influence: Citrine is connected with the planet Jupiter, known for its expansive and benevolent energy. Jupiter is associated with growth, abundance, and good fortune. So to say that Jupiter is aligned with The Wheel of Fortune in the tarot brings the citrine full circle like $ in your pocket!

Additional Notes

Remember, the metaphysical and healing properties of stones are based on belief systems, and individual experiences may vary. It's always a good idea to explore and connect with crystals in a way that feels right for you. If you have specific questions or concerns, a personalized consultation with Arleen could provide more tailored insights.

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