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Indigo Gabbro

Crystal & Gemstone Education

large indigo gabbro gemstones on table

Unveiling Its Healing Energy and Spiritual Significance

Indigo Gabbro, also referred to as Mystic Merlinite is believed to have a range of metaphysical properties, including:

Spiritual Transformation: It is thought to assist in spiritual growth and transformation helping individuals who are on their spiritual journeys. Healers employ its qualities while working on the shadow side by having the client hold the stones during Reiki and journaling practices to work through the hidden aspects of self. The shadow side once embraced shows you that you are not wholly good or wholly bad.

Enhanced Intuition: Many believe that Indigo Gabbro can enhance intuition and psychic abilities, making it a popular choice for those involved in metaphysical and spiritual practices. As it is an attracter you will be seeing more synchronicities in general and balance and strength in the third eye. With this enhanced intuition you are now in an ideal position to make needed changes.

Balancing Energies: It is said to have a balancing effect on energies, helping to harmonize both the spiritual and physical aspects of an individual. When faced with changes in life cling to Indigo Gabbro. It can be used a s guide as well as keeping you grounded and balanced. You might look up the Temperance card in the tarot as this is what Indigo garbbro promotes.

Numerology: The numerology of Indigo Gabbro is a 3. The 3 is the number of communication. Clear hearing, receiving and conveying information to others in order to to make a tangible difference.

It is the Mystic in each of us that craves the magic. The Christ was operating as a Mystic when he turned the water into wine. This is a wonderful stone to embrace when you are taking the steps in spiritual enlightenment and self-development. We could all use some magic along the way to bolster self-control, self-confidence, autonomy and diplomacy.

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