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The Second Dimension

Duality - Awareness of Being Separate

In the second dimension we experience duality.

The second dimension was created as an expansion of the first dimension. Dimensions are areas of movement. 2D is where animals, plants and rocks and all single soul forms came into existence. Single soul forms all think alike and behave with the hive mentality. This also so includes viruses, bacteria and bugs. The lower dimensions are dense and lower focused. This makes sense as I don’t believe that bacteria, viruses and bugs are even aware of the dimension that we are experiencing as the 3D.

2D is the first awareness of being separate. I believe it was the Garden of Eden experience. In creation this is where one was made in the likeness of another, a twin. In the Tarot is is expressed as the Lovers card which is ruled by Gemini interestingly enough. There is always something more to be worked out between the two (2D).

In 2D energy splits into positive and negative forces that we refer to as frequencies.

It would stand to reason then that the dimensional field above each dimension may not even be aware that there are other higher dimensions. We can see into 2D by looking through a microscope or lowering ourselves to ground level. Inadvertently we effect lower dimensions when we step on a bug for instance. Therefor it is also a potential that higher dimensions could be effecting our 3D reality.

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