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The Third Dimension

Our World as We Experience It

The Third Dimension - …but first a recap in case you entered into the 3D first. (Haha)

1D is singularity, pure being.

2D introduces the first awareness of separation. The mind set here is that of the collective, all think and respond alike.

3D is the every day world as we experience it. It is a level of consciousness which incorporates linear time. Here we have become aware of singularity and duality in daily life but perceive ourselves as separate. Most humans and intelligent animals who were trained by humans, express that awareness through emotions, physical interactions and survival of the individual and the group. In order to continuously evolve into higher dimensions we must master unconditional love for ourself and others. This Love is the key that allows us entrance to the 4D and above.

These dimensions are not subjected to a linear context where one goes from 1D to 2D to 3D etc. The spiritually seeking soul can prepare itself with techniques through spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga and breathing techniques. These will clear blockages of outdated programs and open new channels to dial into higher dimensions. Let the adventure begin!

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