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The Fourth Dimension

Welcome Travelers

The pace is picking up and your involvement is needed by the collective consciousness. Take a quick journey into your immediate past. Have you noticed any disillusionment with the 3D “Reality.” Are continually trying to making yourself happy by purchasing new things or any other avoidant addictive behaviors? Are most days making you feel like there is more to this life than you have been told? Let us explore the evidence.

When 3D looses its luster the desire for astral travel, psychic ability and other metaphysical interests arise moving you toward 4D.

Recently we have been introduced to the Law of Attraction and Reiki healing. The law of Attraction was miss used and attracted in 3D not 5D. This is evidenced by the sudden need for storage units.

The original intent of 4D was to hold Divine Consciousness by living in forgiveness followed by gratitude. By avoiding the surrender of what we perceive is our right to suffer by striving to attain being loved by what we have or do for others we miss the train to 4D. We cause more suffering by separation with Divine oneness.

The 4D opens up as awakened intuition for ourselves and others. Oneness is sought as focus moves to our common ground, we all are human. Your Third Eye which has probably saved you a time or two in the past will begin to receive the credit it deserves. It will be on the lookout to help by sending teasers your way with a spontaneous supplying your desire for healing support on all levels. Life becomes a dreamlike state of gratitude and amazement of as you submit yourself to this 4D plane of existence.

The ride always comes with a cost. It will cost you the false ego, which was the bringer of pain and sorrow all along.It wants to be perceived bigger than Divinity. It will cost the surrender of blockages of pain, suffering and unhealed trauma. When even partially accomplished one will see that there was no one or no thing to be hurt by. These wounds have now become your friends and allies. They open the door for you to access what belonged to you all along.

Is the destination worth it? I have only my personal experience to answer by. Ride with me through 4D on the way to 5D.

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